The AKC Breeder of Merit Program honors breeder/exhibitors’ dedication and hard work as they continue to produce dogs that are healthy, capable, and beautiful.

Shiba Inu Breeders

Want to connect with other people who love Shiba Inus as much as you do? Search below for Shiba Inu breeders located throughout the United States.


Dave & Gail Gordon

Location: Fruithurst, AL

Tengai Shibas

Phil and Cindy Scala

Location: Townsend, Delaware

Oak Shibas and Tibbies

Patricia Gilliard

Location: Green Cove Springs, FL

Rexann Shibas

Kathy Bube

Location: Elizabeth, IN

Goldkress Shibas

Lonita B. Kress

Location: Lawrence, KS

Pendragon Shiba Inu

Lori Pendergast

Location: Dodge City, KS

Shibas by Sullo

Cheri Sullo

Location: Wakefield, MA

Cape Cod Shibas

Charlene Maxim

Location: Waquoit, MA

Kayobi Shibas

Marilyn Pikal

Location: Winthrop, MN

Bali Hai Shibas

Kathi Melton

Location: Ridge, NY

Sho Mai Sou

Brecksville, OH

Location: Rex and Tanya Gaylord

Tintown Shibas

Stephanie Abel

Location: Dover, OH

K-BAR Shibas

Betty Rarick

Location: Muskogee, OK

Castle Shibas

Charlotte Cline

Location: Springfield, OR

Steelcrest Shibas

Carol Titus

Location: Eugene, OR

Rodel Shibas

Tom & Sandra Rolenaitis

Location: Aspers, PA

Frerose Shibas

Frederick Duane

Location: Columbia Area, SC

Kuro Oka Shibas

Bill & Lynne Fletcher

Location: Black Hawk, SD

Kawako Shibas

Cheri Fellinger & Marcel Marckelbach

Location: Portland, OR

Sunrise Kennel

Donna Gonzalez

Location: Maple Valley, WA

Kokuryuu Shibas

Pam and Leah Crowley

Location: DePere, WI


Tammy Szabo

Location: West Bend, WI

Choosing a breeder for your Shiba Inu

When purchasing a new Shiba puppy from a breeder, you should ensure that breeders can produce 3 certificates verifying the health of your new puppy.

Shiba Inu Breeders

Shiba Inu Rescues

Want to search for search for Shiba Inu rescues? Find Shiba rescues throughout the United States.

About Shiba Inus

Learn more about appearance, temperament, nutrition, training, and physical characteristics of the ancient Shiba Inu breed.