Shiba Inu Colors

Shiba Inus come in a variety of colors that are displayed in their dense spitz coats. The coat of a Shiba Inu may be red, sesame, cream or black and tan.

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Red Coloring - Shiba Inu.


The Red Shiba Inu is the ambassador of the breed.

Black & Tan coloring - Shiba Inu.

Black & Tan

Shiba Inus also come in a black and tan coat.

Sesame Coloring - Shiba Inu.


The sesame Shiba Inu coat color is also the rarest and most difficult to properly define.

Red Coloring - Shiba Inu.


The cream Shiba Inu is one of the most desirable color coats with a pure creamy base and white urajiro area.

Yellow Shiba Inu.


Shibas may also come in yellow, which is also rare.

Shiba Inu Coat

Shiba Inu Coat

The Shiba Inu, is an ancient spitz dog breed native to Japan. Shiba Inus have a very thick double coat that insulates them from cold harsh weather and mountainous environments.


The outer coat consists of hairs that are very straight, thick and course. These hairs are roughly 2 inches long, rigid and made to protect them from the freezing elements.

The outercoat of a Shiba Inu is naturally waterproof.


The undercoat of a Shiba Inu has the consistency of wool. These finer and softer hairs are designed for only for one purpose – to insulate and protect from extreme cold and blocking out moisture.

What’s the rarest color for Shiba Inus?

A sesame colored Shiba Inu is regarded as the rarest coat color for the breed.

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